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Guild Leaders    
Damian L. Slayer
guild leader
Super Admin
The Dread Lord Dray
Acting Guild Leader
You Must - 1, have XFIRE & MIC 2, Be age 16+ 3, Play Nice 4, Attend
You Will - 1, Role-Play 2, Be Minax 3, Help Guildies 4, Get Jobs
WE WILL - 1, PAY YOU 2, Assist You 3, Include You 4, Teach You what we know
Mercenary: Motivated solely by a desire for monetary gain.
Welcome to the home page of The Black Ops please look around hope you enjoy yourself If you are new to the site and have been granted access to the forums under the General discussion pannel you will find a introduction topic take some time to fill this out please. I will be adding some entertainment to the pages in due coarse please be patient.

Under this message you will find our recruiting section this area simply describes what we are looking for, what we expect, and what you get when joining this guild anyone caught lying will be ejected from this website and our guild immediatly no questions asked.

Membership    You can access
Public               Home Page/
Associates         Home Page/
*Member          Home Page/
                       Guild Hall/
Council +           Pretty much 
                        everything else

* You can't obtain this membership level or higher unless you are in the guild

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